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Cold Planing

We realize that every cold planing project is different, we use a customized approached when we assess new projects.


Hilton-Asphalt-Paving-Cold PlaningCold planing is a process that involves milling pavement in a controlled manner to return its surface back to a particular cross slope and grade. Once this process is over, the newly finished surface provides an excellent base for smooth-riding asphalt overlay. In most cases, cold planing is used when aged and cracked asphalt needs to be replaced.

If you would like to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the pavement on your property, we can provide you with cold planing services. With our help, we will manage every aspect of the project for you and ensure that it is completed on time and within the parameters of your budget.


Cold planing also has some cost-saving benefits. The granular base is not disturbed when milling; therefore, regrading and re-compaction are minimized. We can also reclaim all the granular by collecting the material below the asphalt and reusing it as if it were virgin material.

At Hilton Asphalt Paving, we realize that every cold planing project is different, and we use a customized approached when we assess new projects. We will do the same for you in order to get the best results for your pavement. This is just one of the many things our team will do to show you that we truly care about your complete satisfaction.

Please keep in mind that what it costs to complete a cold planing project depends on many different factors, such as the location of the asphalt, the hardness and depth of the material, and any existing site complications. To receive an estimate or to find out more about why we are the ones for your construction job, give us a call at Hilton Asphalt Paving today. We look forward to hearing from you.